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Bunnyfish Carnival

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7th August 2010

11:57pm: 8D

Current Mood: tired

5th August 2010

4:37pm: I'M GARY OAK

this is awesome
Current Mood: amused

16th July 2010

8:30pm: Velma Dinkley cosplay is happening.

Partly because there's a small time con here next month that I'll probably go to for like, one day.

Also picked up a copy of "America's Wonder Women", a book full of cosplaying women at San Diego ComicCon.

1st July 2010

9:39pm: Well, herp my derp.
Only I could burn my ankle while cooking porkchops.
what the fuck
Current Mood: In Pain

17th June 2010

11:27am: O:


Whoah, what?


this best be real nintendo

12th May 2010

1:05am: Unimportant shit
I've never seen Jem and the Holograms.

I can't stop watching clips of Jem and the Holograms.

It looks awesome (MORE LIKE OUTRAGEOUS.)

I want to cosplay Velma Dinkley sometime. I think I could pull it off. Might try one of the generic opponent trainers or redoing my Team Rocket Grunt cosplay. But I don't when I'll be at a con next; I had planned to go to San Japan, but I need to find a job.

Also, I might be driving up to Dallas for a Heart Gold Soul Silver thing with some friends on the 29th.

12th April 2010

by ~BunnyfishMel-Mel on deviantART

31st March 2010

8:15pm: Hmmmggghhhh
Thinking about Apping at http://community.livejournal.com/gyakusai_rp/

It might be fun, but from past observances (is that creepy? i bet that's creepy) everyone in this RP generally already know one another so I'd be a little nervous, especially since the characters in AA are generally more "canon" developed than the ones in the last RP I was in. Not to mention holy shit there's actually an application process. I mean...

Wow. Can I really develop an ENTIRE background of a character without having played them at all?! In the last LJRP I was in, I kind of thought up the character's background as I got a better feel for him.

Current Mood: contemplative

10th March 2010

3:51pm: So. Pixiv.
Well, I got bored the other day and ended up posting something on Pixiv. "Why not?" I said. "I'll share what I've drawn since I'm look at all this neato artwork anyway."

What I didn't think about was comments. See, I got one, but even using Google Translate (the best online translator IMO) I have no idea what it says!


I probably won't post anything else on Pixiv because...well, that what I have a DA for, right?

8th March 2010


Un Deux Trois... ::color:: by ~BunnyfishMel-Mel on deviantART

I've been trying to develop my digital art skills and oh man
I admire people who can do digital art without BURNING OUT THEIR EYES OH GOD
Current Mood: accomplished

26th February 2010

6:50pm: Pixiv
I finally caved in and got an account on Pixiv. There's so much neat art there and unless you have an account you can only see thumbnails! D:
I had to use a tutorial to figure out how to sign up...

I'd probably need a tutorial to post anything, but I'm hesitant to post stuff on Pixiv. I've heard rumors that Japanese artist don't like "foreigners" on their art sites...

I even remember reading somewhere about someone basically getting bullied out of a Japanese PChat!

I'll probably just stick to posting on DeviantArt, I guess. There's really no reason for me to post on Pixiv...

24th February 2010

10:09am: AA Panel 2010

That friend of mine who filmed my panel at Ikki earlier this year posted part of it; So here it is. I don't know if the rest of it is up or not.

29th January 2010

I have a pair of those shiny Part-Spandex, Part-whatever costume gloves; I used them as part of a Rocket Grunt cosplay at Ikkicon and totally forgot until now...

Is there a good way to wash them without dicking them up? Or will I just have to get new ones? 'Cause they got kinda dirty since the escalators at Ikki shut off and I had to grab the rail to walk up 'em.

11th January 2010

My 2D Special Effects class was canceled because not enough people signed up. Instead of 12 credit hours, I'll only get 8. Damnit, I need that class. Hopefully it'll make next semester, or be offered over summer or something.

3rd January 2010

3:51pm: IKKICON
So. Had a blast at Ikkicon this weekend.

I got to hang out with beetlefreak a lot and we nerded out over Green Lantern and Punch out.

The Ace Attorney panel went surprisingly well! The cosplay contest portion fell through (Our only AA cosplayer was an awesome Larry Butz) so we did two round of "Turnabout Quiz!"

I think I made the questions too hard though. Next time I'll make easier ones.

Also, none of my art sold, BUT! It wasn't because no one wanted them! It being my first year doing this, I didn't know I needed to write down a minimum bid. The staff that was working when I submitted I guess didn't know either, because I went into the art show and looked around multiple times and they never said anything. But! Right before I left Saturday night, my friend Matt literally grabbed me and dragged me back to the art show. The head of the art show staff was there and had told him that two or three people had wanted to buy my Mother 2 piece, but they wouldn't let them bid on it because no minimum bid was written! The staff that was there had apparently forgotten who I was and what I looked like so she had no idea who to look for (though I had a whole conversation about my cosplay with those staffers when I was submitting my art.) I do feel I probably should have known the minimum bid thing though, so I guess it's really my fault? The art show head did say she was sorry it happened.

However, there's a local game store that does art consignment for videogame related art, so I'll see what I can do when I go to sell off my Gamecube tomorrow after work. I'll make prints before I actually sell any of the art though.

But I'll have to find a way to sell that Minmay piece. I wonder if there are any other nearby cons or cons that take mail in submissons for artshows?

A 4x6 Totoro Print.
A Chain Chomp Button.
A Takashi Morinozuka button.
A handmade plush cell phone charm.
A Macross Vol 1 DVD.
A Brigadoon Vol. 1 DVD.

I'll try to have photos up tomorrow. Still, I had a total blast.
Current Mood: tired

1st January 2010

12:54am: Arrrrt pooooost~
Just wanted to share the art I did for Ikkicon's artshow:




I'm a little disappointed with myself because I had intended to do a Punch Out piece but was unable to do so. But I did get some EarthBound/Mother 2 representation goin' so, that's good, I guess?
Current Mood: tired

30th December 2009

10:58pm: Ikkicon...one more day...
oh man...

I have ONE more piece of art to do, but it's gonna be a simple piece of Pearl Fey. I was gonna sell an old piece of Princess Peach from like a year ago, but I got it out and realized, "Man, this is a lot uglier than I remember."

I'm almost done with my Mother 2 piece, though.


Ace Attorney panel is 6:30-7:30 in Panel room 2 on Saturday.
There will be...
Q&A with Miles Edgeworth
AA Cosplay Contest
Trivia Contest
Fan Discussion

One of the prizes will be a one of a kind, handmade...


fuck i love pogs.

also sketchcards, pocky and Gamestop cards.


oh god im so tired
Current Mood: tired

25th December 2009

10:26pm: Merry Christmas you guys~!
I had an okay Christmas. Someone was streaming MST3K, so I watched that for a couple hours (Horror on Party Beach and Hobgoblins if you're curious.) I got $50.00 and my sis is letting me buy her Wii. I'll be making payments on it for a couple months, but I'm just happy to be able to get one.

Also, Mom made spinach dip. yes my favorite *A*

All in all, had a good Christmas. 8D

I finally got an Edgeworth for my panel! Q&A WITH MILES EDGEWORTH IS HAPPENING! Mostly, we'll talk about the Upcoming AAI game, but we'll also take a few audience questions. 8)
Current Mood: content

23rd December 2009

5:11pm: OH MAN
I didn't realize how OLD some of my markers are!
I'm still working on some piece for Ikkicon's artshow and two of my favorite markers (Ballet Pink and Pale Peach) just died on me in the midst of a Lynn Minmay piece I'm doing.

Maybe it's just because I'm using Bristol? That stuff sucks up ink like a mofo.

I'll have to get them tomorrow, go to the bank, buy christmas presents (talk about cutting it close!), get matting supplies...

Current Mood: PANICPANIC

17th December 2009

11:49pm: Gotta get fit!
So I've been playing (using?) Wii fit a lot. My sister left her Wii here last time she visited so we could decide if we want to buy if off her or not.

We do.

But I did a body test before working out for an hour. -0.4 pounds.


Did another body test after.

+0.4 pounds.

I was like WHAT. SON OF A BITCH!

Then I realized I've been drinking water the whole time.


But I have lost some weight in the last few weeks. Not enough to really make a difference, but it's something.

Since we're buying my sister's Wii, I need to rent Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

ALSO! I finally Played Punch Out Wii two weeks ago! AWESOME STUFF.

Got to TD just before I had to return it.

Glass Joe defended his title three times.

Current Mood: lolidk

21st November 2009

12:31pm: TURTLE POWER!
So. Watched Turtles Forever this morning. As someone who grew up on the 80's Ninja Turtles, seeing almost every incarnation of them in one movie was really great.

Also, it's nice knowing that fans of the newer series who have never seen what older grew up with are getting to see some of the history behind something they love today. It's a nice feeling. I think they overblew just how goofy the 80's turtles were, but not by too much. And they had some good "breaking the fourth wall" gags.

The the bit with the original comics turtles...that was good stuff.
Current Mood: happy

17th November 2009


so it looks like the Ace Attorney Panel will end up being just a bunch of "Ace Attorney" themes games and events.
SO far I've got:
Mini-Costume Contest
Trivia Contest
Brief fan discussion

I wanted to do an Ace Attorney Investigations preview, but I don't think I'll be able to borrow a laptop/get a projector to make it possible. I was also hoping to do a "Q and A with Miles Edgeworth" in it's place, but I don't seem to be able to find any Edgeworth cosplayers willing to do so.

Also, I've been trying to do sketch cards (So far no one on the ikkicon board has expressed interest in helping with that) and stuff for the raffles; I'll probably get a couple little gift cards from Gamestop and maybe some PW manga and fan merch for contest prizes...if I can afford it.

I have the feeling this panel is going to flop again. Last year it flopped because I couldn't coordinate with all the other people. This year, there's no interest in helping at all. In fact, there seems to be a lack of interest in the panel in general and I'm starting to get worried that I'm going to mess it up again.


Oh, dicks. I just remembered I need to see how much time they're giving me for this thing.
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