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So! Went to the VideoGames Live! Concert last night. TWO AND HALF HOURS OF COMPLETE WIN. I recorded some short clips with my camera, so....!

Got there early for the "Pre-Show Festival." They advertised game tournaments. I have never been so disappointed by something involving videogames. Apparently "Game tournaments" consist of some Star Wars PC game, two copies of Guitar Hero and a Space Invaders cabinet.

The actual concert? Way more awesome.
Before the show stared, we were treated to a Music Video of "Yuri the Only One for Me" by The Leet Street Boys. With lyrics like "Yuri the Only One for Me, More Priceless than a PS3...Together You and I are Nintendo Wii..." It's was quite amusing.

Then the Concert! They opened with a medley of retro games; Pong, Joust, Centipede, Asteroids, Ghouls and Ghosts...Even some games I've never even heard of.
I can't remember EVERYTHING, but!
By Codec, the concert was then introduced by...Solid Snake. Yes. *codec noise* "Can you hear me?" *insert cheers* "I SAID, Can you hear me?" *more cheers*

They had this great Metal Gear Solid Segment.

We also got to hear Micheal Learn do a Final Fantasy Medley. At one point he started playig a song which I assumed to be Celes' Theme (FFVI) only to find a few notes later "Oh. This is Aeris' theme." Still good. He also later did what he's famous for, playing the Mario Theme Blindfolded. At one point, he segued into the DOnut Plains music (I think), did the "Hurry Up" Jingle, sped up, Paused (Completed with Piano Pause noise!) and ended with the Stage Clear music.

Then, the winner of a local radio contest got the chance to play Space Invaders on stage, with a device that tracked his movement, to control the movement of the ship.

He ended up losing, but it was still great.

They also played the Orchestra version of Hikari form Kingdom Hearts, along with a video that showed EVERY Disney character that appeared in KH, in clips from their original movies.

I wasn't able to get all of it, but it ended with a clip of "Steamboat Mickey." 8D

Later, the winner of the Pre-show Guitar Hero contest was given the chance to play Sweet Emotion from Guitar Hero Aerosmith on stage with the symphony. He was given the conditions that if he cleared the song AND scored 160,000 points on Hard, he would be given a $2500 laptop.
He insisted on playing the song on Expert. Despite having never played this song before (As GHA only recently came out) he cleared, scored well over 200,000 points and missed only two notes. The second he his the 160,000 point mark, the crowd went nuts. It was AWESOME.

After their finale (A Halo/Halo 3 segment), the audience called for an encore. One of the founders of VG Live/Game composer, Tommy Tallarico (Who during the finale played electric guitar and kicked ass) mentioned that at most concerts people hold up lighters when they want an encore. But since it was a gamer crowd, he called for DSs, PSPs and Cell phones. We complied.
"All right, yeah! There we- Oh, my God, that guy up there has a LAPTOP! Is that a Mac or a PC?"

So they played One Winged Angel from FFVII alongside a slideshow of FFVII fanart. At one point, the onstage camera zoomed in on the conductor, who made an increasingly maniacal grin as the camera zoomed in on him. It was awesome. After that, Tallarico said "It would be too easy to end on One Winged Angel. They ALWAYS expect us to end with One Winged Angel." And they ended...WITH CASTLEVANIA. YES AWESOME.

Like I said, there was much more (Mario Medley, Michael Learn playing "Korobeiniki" from Tetris (NES version), Zelda Medley, etc) but I can't recall all of it.

Also, I saw Wall-E today. The first time I ever really feel for/almost identify with a Disney character and he's a ROBOT. kinda cried a little bit. My mom made fun of me for it, but I couldn't help it! D:
Wall-E is such a sweet movie. I'm in love with this movie. D:
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